Circuit Courts

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Virginia’s Circuit Courts are the only trial court of general jurisdiction in the Commonwealth. Circuit courts handle cases involving:

Civil Actions

  • where the monetary claim is over $4,500 but not exceeding $25,000, the circuit court has concurrent jurisdiction with the general district court
  • where monetary claims exceed $25,000, the circuit has exclusive original jurisdiction
  • attachments
  • validity of a county or municipal ordinance or corporate by-law
  • divorce
  • wills, trusts, and estate matters
  • property disputes
  • adoption


Criminal Cases

  • all felonies, after preliminary hearing and/or indictment by a grand jury
  • misdemeanor offenses that are appealed from district court or originated from a grand jury indictment
  • transfer or certification of felony offenses committed by juveniles



  • appeals from the general district or juvenile & domestic district courts; these appeals are heard de novo
  • appeals from administrative agencies


Circuit Courts also handle any case for which jurisdiction is not specified in the Code of Virginia.

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